Prayers for Pentecost

A collection of prayers for Pentecost from members of NAPC


We get tired…we get hungry…we lack new ideas…we run on empty…

Our prayers begin to sound the same…ugh

Our stories in our sermons are the same…ugh

We become stale…

Let us hear the Holy Wind of Pentecost…let us feel it rush over us…

Let the Holy Wind of Pentecost, breathe new life into our prayers…

Let the Holy Wind of Pentecost, encourage us to find new stories…

Come Holy Wind of Pentecost…blew our staleness away…

In the Jesus the Christ most holy name we pray…Come Holy Spirit


Rev. JoAnne Sharp

Holy Spirit, who breathed life across the waters at creation, breathe on me now.  Blow through my life, stirring me from old ways and old habits to which I cling, but no longer work for me.  Let the fire of your passion seize hold of me, in ways I don’t expect or even recognize.  Fill all the places of my life, empowering me to serve, to give and receive blessings, to speak your truth, to live into new understandings.  Challenge me, Spirit of New Beginnings.  Show me how to reflect your power through prayer, worship, service, and the sharing of your Word.   In this season, when you come to us anew, draw your people into a unity that reflects your justice, love, peace, and power.  Make me a Pentecost Woman.  Make your Church a Pentecost Church, speaking new languages to those who do not understand the old ones.  Inspire us!  Challenge us! Excite us ! Possess us!  Help us dream dreams that only you can make real! Come, Spirit, come!

Rev. Elaine Connolly

O God of Holy Patience, I pray for my sisters negotiating relationships with church people who make racist remarks. Give us all the strength to refrain from shouting; fill us with the wisdom to engage them gently.  It’s so hard to remember our pastoral task is to teach, not to condemn. Channel our righteous anger into prophetic preaching. Help us confess our own racism to you instead of pretending it’s not there. We thank you that diversity, not uniformity is your intention and that the Spirit rests on people all over, southern, eastern, western, northern, body, mind, and soul. Amen.

Rev. Susan Barnes

Spirit of the Living God.  We adore You.

Spirit of the Living God.  We confess our sins to You.

Spirit of the Living God.  We thank You.

Spirit of the Living God.  We submit our petitions to You.

In our actions, words, and deeds, we pray that You are glorified and we get to enjoy You forever.  Spirit of the Living God, continue to fall fresh on us.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Rev. CeCe Armstrong


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