Nurturing Moments

Nurturing Moments.

If you have a way of nurturing yourself or an unexpected moment happens that lets you know you are held in the palm of God’s hand, please share it with us.

It might be about a special place: Rev. Anne Marie Meyerhoffer, NAPC Treasurer and Pastor of United Presbyterian Church of Milford, CT shares this story.

I have a special, go-to place.  I happen to be fortunate to have a cabin in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania — just 200 miles from where I live.  The drive allows me to relax (at least, once I leave congested Connecticut highways).  I breathe deep the mountain air, stare up at the stars and enjoy the night sounds of bullfrogs and crickets.  I feel such peace there for it is all for me — no one to bother me, I can do as I please, read as much as I like, kick up the water in the lake or simply rest in my hammock humming a favorite hymn, “It is well with my soul…”


It might be something someone says to you: Rev CeCe Armstrong, NAPC Co-Moderator, and Associate Pastor at St. James Presbyterian Church in Charleston, SC, tells  us:

Recently, a friend posted on Facebook an opportunity for them to comment on their fondest memory of me.  I took the bait and caved in for the comment.  Although, I couldn’t imagine what they would say, I was curious to know.  The response focused on my creativity.  My heart swelled with joy because something I do for fun created a long lasting impression on someone else.  Hearing positive feedback, nurtures my soul… but now that I think about it … all feedback nurtures my soul because there is always room to improve.


It might be experiencing or witnessing to acts of kindness and support: JoAnne Sharp, NAPC Administrator, got a


Recently, I exchanged a 3-way text with two colleagues.  One had posed the question of what to wear in the neutral pulpit she would be preaching in soon. Robe and stole was an option, but the colleague would be flying – it’s a lot to travel with.  I suggested Colleague 1 wear a collar. Colleague 1 said she didn’t have a collar, so Colleague 2 offered to fed-ex one of hers. Not only did Colleague 2 overnight a collar but she sent a brand new one to our Sister. Taking care of each other is part of our ministry! Thanks be to God!


It might be engaging with the world in ways that are outside your particular call: Rev. Susan Barnes, NAPC Chaplain and Pastor of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Billings, MT writes:

I serve in one of the top ten whitest states in the nation. When church leaders make racist comments, oblivious to their white privilege, I can get overwhelmed and discouraged. Have they listened to nothing of the gospel? Is my preaching making any difference? I volunteer with a non-church organization that is working to welcome diversity and stop hate. Being part of that conversation feeds my soul.

For all the ways our God feeds our souls, may we give thanks and praise.